Ashirwad Indian~Lifestyle Class of 2017-2018 Calendar
Mark your calendar for the following important Ashirwad dates.
*** Ashirwad Students will earn Blessing Points for participating in the events ***
Day Date Event or Holiday
Saturday 28-Oct-17 Dussehra & Diwali Festival @ Skeeters Stadium (Class Holiday)
Saturday 04-Nov-17 H-A-L-L-O-W33N @ ASHIRWAD    
Saturday **-TBD-** SPORTS>>>DAY
Saturday 25-Nov-17 HOL!DAY ~ THANX GIVING
Saturday 23-Dec-17 HOL!DAY ~ CHRISTMAS
Saturday 30-Dec-17 HOL!DAY ~ HAPPY:) NEW 2017
Saturday 20-Jan-18 MOVIE+PIZZA DAY
JANUARY 2018 is ASHIRWAD’s B Urself” Month

Saturday **-TBD-**        Crafts Workshop
Saturday **-TBD-** SLOKA TEST DAY
Saturday 10-Mar-18 HOL!DAY ~ SPRING BREAK
Saturday **-TBD-** ~ VEDIC FAIR 7 ~
 Saturday **-TBD-** STORY TEST DAY