On your Mark... Get Set... B Ready 2 Zoom Zoom on Ashirwad's Sports>>>Day.
Ashirwad Sports>>>Day is Sports fun day 4 Ashirwad Family + Friends + Young Wings!
Enroll on or before Wednesday November 8th 2017.

Date & Reporting Time: Saturday November 11th 2017 @ 9:00 AM.
Eligibility: Ashirwad Family + Friends + Young Wings!
Blessing Points: Upto 100/Participating Ashirwad Student.

Ashirwad Sports>>>Day Application

*Student/Young Wing's Name:
*Student/Young Wing's Age:
*Parent's Name:
*Parent's Email:
*Will Family/Friend Participate?
If yes, check  Mom Dad Bro' Sis' Friend Other
Participating Sports. Check Mark all that applies.
 Lemon & Spoon Book Balance Tennis Ball Gathering
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