Ashirwad = A Blessing Classes

 Eligibility:   Anyone 4 years old and up

 Katy Class:  Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

 Cypress Class:  Saturday from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

  Ashirwad Class Year:

Commences from 2nd weekend of September and end by last week of April.
Ashirwad provides Class Material.

 Ashirwad = A Blessing Curriculum for kids:

 Note: Yoga & Meditation is part of Ashirwad Curriculum from Ashirwad 3s and up and will be practiced almost in every
class. So please bring your Yoga Mats to All Classes.

Sloka competitions and tests will be conducted towards the end of academic year. 

 Ashirwad 1s:
Daily Slokas, Stories, Coloring and Bhajans.
 Eligibility:   4 years and up

 Ashirwad 2s:
Laxmi Ashtottharam, Stories, Coloring, Optional: Bhajans.
 Eligibility: 5 years and up.    Pre-Requisite: Ashirwad 1s.

 Ashirwad 3s:
Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Part 1, Festivals of India Optional: Yoga & Bhajans.
 Eligibility: 6 years and up.    Pre-Requisite: Ashirwad 2s.

 Ashirwad 4s:
Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Part 2, Ramayan, Yoga, Meditation Optional: Bhajans.
 Eligibility: 7 years and up.    Pre-Requisite: Ashirwad 3s.

 Ashirwad 5s:
Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Part 3, Mahabharath 1, Yoga, meditation Optional: Bhajans.
 Eligibility: 8 years and up.    Pre-Requisite: Ashirwad 3s & Ashirwad 4s.

 Ashirwad 6s to Ashirwad 11s:
Complete Bhagwad Githa chanting along with meaning and Inserts from Upanishads.
 Eligibility: 10 years.    Pre-Requisite: 2 years of Ashirwad Curriculum.

 Eligibility Exceptions: If needed, Teachers will determine kid’s eligibility to change levels.

 Monthly Congregation:

Monthly Congregation: Once a Month on Saturday in KATY from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

Weekly Tele-Congregation: Every Thursday at 8:30 PM.